About the Athlete

Every achievement begins with the decision to try. Insist, persist and never give up!

Vinícius Cabral / Sponsored Athlete

Division: Open / Production

Category: Junior

Country: Brazil

Hobby: Jiu-jitsu / Hiking

Equipment: I use all equipment in competition and training

Overall Country Ranking: 9th

Ranking in category: 2th



✓ Campeão Brasileiro Standard Junior 2015
✓ Campeão Copa Norte Standard Overall 2015
✓ Campeão Copa Norte Standard Junior 2015
✓ Campeão Amazonense Standard Overall 2015
✓ Campeão Amazonense Standard Junior 2015
✓Campeão Brasileiro Classe C Standard 2014
✓ Campeão Brasileiro Standard Junior 2014
✓ Campeão Amazonense Standard overall 2014
✓ Campeão Amazonense Standard Junior 2014