About Guga Ribas

A better you

Our DNA is a mix of quality, elegance and refinement. Paying close attention to details is part of our daily work, always thinking about ways to improve our products, our services and strengthen our brand. Thinking about this DNA was born our slogan, which has been with us since 2003 – A Better You. Our goal is to develop the way for our consumers to improve.


To create worldwide brands of innovation, performance and quality, in the sports of high level of competitiveness and demand as well as in any other field we come to participate. Securely deliver value products and services, creating a sense of satisfaction in our customers, partners and suppliers.


Conquer and consolidate, by the end of 2019, the worldwide image of excellence and innovation in the practical shooting field, thus creating the environment to enter other markets. (top of mind)


Ethics: We are faithful to our moral principles and to everyone around us.

Pioneering: GR was born to be a pioneer, to always open new paths, this is our daily goal!

Pro-activity with responsibility and partnership: At GR we care about each other, we believe in a whole, we are a team. One is always trying to help the other.

Commitment to the entire value chain: GR cares about and takes care of its entire value chain, each professional relationship is a personal relationship and at each point in our value chain is observed by us

Sustainability in business: GR does not make irresponsible decisions that may hinder the future of the business; each decision is evaluated and solved together.


‘’ I’m nothing without a good team ’’

– Guga Ribas, CEO and fouder of GR company.

GR’s greatest asset is people. It is characteristic in our daily work to pay attention to each other, as well as to always be attentive to details. Our team is constantly growing, both physical and intellectual. We offer lectures, and disclose to them the GR Lifestyle. Every person who works at GR has an exclusive personality, and that’s what makes the routine so pleasant and our brand so strong.


At GR Company we abominate wastage!

We believe that for a better world tomorrow the changes need to start today. All products that we exchange or repair through our Lifetime Warranty, are reused in some way, parts of holsters and magazine pouches are ground and transformed into raw material, which we can use in up to 30 percent of a new product.

In addition to that, we have initiatives with outsourced companies that are responsible for plant a tree for every thousand holsters sold and another one for every 4000 mag pouches, that way every product has its sustainable goal.

Social Goals

We believe that sport has the ability to change the world, or a life, so our social goals revolve around the sport, we believe that it is the key to change any reality.

Sports as a fundamental part of education: Believing in this, GR develops and supports sports programs around the world, not only because we are born as a sports brand, but mainly because it is one of our strongest beliefs. In addition, we always try to support junior athletes, knowing the difficulty to manage being a student and a high-performance athlete, as well as understanding that their presence in sports is a fundamental part of their education.

Support for sports of less investment: Besides encouraging sports as part of education, GR Company believes that sports with less investment are fundamental to society. In recent years, in addition to the practical shooting, we have already encouraged several sports with less support in Brazil, some examples are American Football and Stand Up Paddle.

Sports for all: GR supports and encourages the participation of athletes with any type of disability in sports; we believe that these people besides being incredible athletes are examples of willpower and overcoming.

Around the world

GR Company is already present in more than 33 countries, with direct and indirect resellers we have added more than 68 stores that rely on our product mix. Our quest to leave our products and our brand closer to the final consumer has no end; we always want to open an area not yet explored by us. Therefore, if you are interested in reselling GR products or know someone who is, please contact us.